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March 10, 2009—Alteran Technologies Partners with Telestream to Provide a Scalable and Affordable End-to-End Digitization and Video Asset Management Solution for Broadcast Customers...

Alteran Technologies, a division of JP Claude Inc., and Telestream announce a technology partnership on a new scalable robotic solution for the automated videotape digitization, encoding, transcoding, metadata tagging, storage, repurposing and program management of video content. The solution utilizes Alteran Technologies’s VTM Solution software which interfaces with the Telestream Pipeline Quad encoder.


The partners have developed an affordable and scalable four channel capture solution which includes the VTM Solution software/hardware digitization solution, the Telestream Pipeline Quad, Apple Xserve capture/management computer, the Telestream Episode Engine, and Digital Asset Management powered by Apple’s Final Cut Server.


The VTM Solution software/hardware solution provides a scalable manual and robotic automated video digitizing solution. The Telestream Pipeline Quad cost- effectively provides four simultaneous capture channels of encoding with one computer. This minimizes the expense of additional hardware and software as well as maintenance and support. Additionally, the Telestream Episode Engine allows for the simultaneous transcoding of files during the ingest phase.


The Apple Xserve provides the capturing hardware. Additionally, Apple’s Final Cut Server provides a complete Digital Asset Management System which includes metadata tagging, repurposing and program management. This workflow process creates a final output in real-time which provides a flexible and cost-effective end to end migration and digital asset management solution to meet the challenges of large video archives.


The combined partnering of products provides a cost-effective and streamlined approach to the task of ingesting and transcoding multi-channel video. The seamless interface between the partner’s products has created an ease of real-time data flow within a compact IT infrastructure. By streamlining the workflow and computer elements, a long-term savings is passed on to the customer. This combined offering can become a model for marketing to various video libraries domestically and internationally to efficiently and cost-effectively solve similar business challenges

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